Can I pick up a cake in-store?

Because our cakes are custom made from scratch, we require all cakes to be pre-ordered online through our Cake Orders page. You can also place a cake order by phone at (403) 266-5431. All cake orders must be made with a minimum 3 days notice.

Help, I don’t know what size cake to order!

Never fear, we have a detailed breakdown of our cake sizes and flavours on our Cake Orders page. All of our cakes are double layered and the size suggestions are based on the number of slices needed.

Do I need to pre-order cupcakes?

Our cupcakes are iced fresh to order to ensure the best quality and taste. For this reason, we suggest you pre-order for an order of 6 or more cupcakes by phone or online.

Do I need to pre-order custom cookies?

Yes please! All custom cookies require a 2-3 week pre-order time. Get in touch to discuss design, quantity and price.

Are your regular and gluten free equipment separate?

Yes, we have a split facility and separate equipment for regular and gluten free baking. However, we ask that customers make an informed decision about their allergies before they order.

Do you bake with soy or nuts?

We primarily use sorghum or rice-based ingredients and do not add soy to our products. There is soy lecithin in our swiss chocolate chunks and in our soft serve ice cream, however the rest of our products are soy-free. We have many items that do not contain nuts, however there are nuts on the premises.

How long can I store my Cookie Mama treats?

Because we live in a fairly dry climate, we suggest you store our treats in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days to ensure they stay fresh. You can also freeze them for up to 1 month.

What is your cancellation policy?

All orders require confirmation with a non refundable 50% deposit billed to a valid credit card. We do not do any cancellations or refunds on confirmed orders. 

Where can I see more of your designs?

We update our Facebook and Instagram accounts with photos of our latest and greatest designs so follow us and check back regularly to see more!

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